Its Free, Its Fun, What more could you ask for?! Well, it might take a while to load :p

My first game :D . It is around 20 minutes long with a top down rpg style.

If you want to donate any, and I mean ANY amount send the donation trough Paypal to

Comment your suggestions or level ideas here (they might just get implemented in future updates):


You will figure it out

If you have any tips or suggestions be sure to leave them in the comments. Comment if you liked the game or not. Be the first one to do so!


Music taken from: zapslat, incompetech

Art: Kenney, GamesPlusJames,  MagicCreator

If you want to make your first game and are wondering how I learned programming, the props go to GamesPlusJames and Brackeys, they have awesome tutorials on youtube.

Made by MagicCreator // solimm4sks // SolimMS // Miloš Medić in Unity


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This game is pretty good, would recommend